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My First ChatGPT Assignment

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

After sharing the "why" behind my embracing of ChatGPT and AI, it was time to test things out with the students for their first assignment. Below is what one of the online classes received. In my next post I will talk about how these assignments went after they turned them in: Class,

This is exciting! Change is afoot and I love it. ChatGPT and AI are the single biggest disruption to education and business that I have seen in a very long time. Maybe since the Internet itself became a thing. And you are on the front end of it! So exciting ... and so much opportunity! You get to be an expert even though you are yet to graduate. So, let's learn about it and help you use it. I made a video specifically about this for you to watch in the announcements. Please watch it if you have not already. As a reminder, I am allowing you to use ChatGPT and AI in my classes for assignments. However, there are some rules associated with its use because at the end of the day I want to prepare you for the real world and also help you learn. Here are my guidelines for ChatGPT and AI use: 1 - Tell me that you chose to use the tool(s) and list them by name. ChatGPT is the most likely tool you will use, but I am providing a list of others in the links below. You can also find others you want to use as well. The key is you share with me your choice! For ChatGPT you need to go to and click the link at the top that says Try ChatGPT. From there just setup a free account and off you go. Be aware that they get overwhelmed with traffic sometimes, so you may have to try again if the tool is unavailable due to heavy traffic. Don't wait until the last minute for your assignments if you use this tool because you may not be able to access it in time. 2 - You can and should start out by cutting and pasting various questions from the assignment into the tool. This is only the beginning of your work with prompts. You’ll continue to refine them so they get more and more specific and detailed. For this first assignment, you’ll do your best along these lines and when you turn in your prompt screenshots, I’ll be able to give you feedback and help you get better at it. I will also be providing some articles and other content to help you. Overall, you’ll need to share all of your unique prompts or any other inputs you gave the system. I want to see your thinking on the prompt side and what trial and error you encounter. Again, you will get better at this over time with practice and I will help you get there. Don’t sweat it too much this go around. 3 – Take screenshots of the results of the prompts for every prompt entry you did for #2 above. 4 - You present in class a PowerPoint of what you think of the results. Please refer to my announcement regarding Alex’s Five Immutable Rules of PowerPoint Presentations for specific guidelines on your PowerPoint submission. Bullet points, large font, images, appearing bullets and so on. You’ll see what I mean in that announcement. Now, onto the assignment! I want to go over the following posts and articles:|

LinkedIN Post #1 LinkedIN Post #2 LinkedIN Post #3 For this first assignment, and using ChatGPT and perhaps other tool(s) listed in the article #2 above, I want you to produce a PowerPoint that has five to six slides that begins to answer the question of “What makes for a great sales proposal as a person selling a SaaS product?” I want you to choose a product and company specifically for this question. They should both be real so the systems can help you with real world answers that would be tough for you to find on your own. An example might be: “Help me write a sales proposal to sell the Podium software to a customer” And then … “Write a sales proposal to sell the Podium software to a small business owner” And then … “Write a five paragraph sales proposal to sell the Podium software to someone that owns a small retail store” The slides include: Slide 1 = Tool(s) you used Slide 2 = Screenshots of the unique prompts you entered Slide 3 = Screenshots of the results you received for each prompt Slide 4 and 5 (or more if necessary) = Your unique interpretation of the results in your own words and with your own opinions and insights. If this is in person, you will present this so we can discuss it in real time. If it is an online submission, you will do a voice over with your slides or record you presenting them. Remember, you are speaking to the bullet points, you are not reading anything to me. This is conversational and where you show me that you didn’t just cut and paste modified answers. This is where the learning happens! We will discuss this more in class (or online), but that is the outcome. Remember, you have to follow the guidelines and rules. Again, this is exciting and I really hope you see the opportunity in front of you and use it for good ... and not evil :) Thanks! Alex

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