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ChatGPT and My Teaching Epiphany

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

When I saw ChatGPT for the first time, I had two simultaneous and immediate reactions: 1 - This is incredible. 2 - This is the greatest cheating tool ever invented. How do you reconcile two things that are seemingly at odds? That was the question I have been wrestling with ... until a few weeks ago when it became very clear to me what to do next. ChatGPT and other tools like it are world-changing. I honestly cannot think of something that has hit me this hard and fast since the Internet itself. ChaGPT and its peers will revolutionize business in many ways. My students have to know how to use this technology for their ultimate benefit ... and not just as a better way to cheat the system (any system). The difference between these two options isn't really on them right now, it's on me. I have to convince and inspire them to think about these tools in a way that will help them see what an incredible time it is to be in their shoes! They are on a level playing ground with all of the people that have long since graduated and are in the business world. Chat GPT is just as new to them. Name another thing that has this kind of an impact where a sophomore in college can have the same skill level as a ten year VP of Sales? I cannot think of anything. From that vantage point I began creating rules of engagement for using AI in my classes. And not just using AI, or accepting AI ... but encouraging the use of AI! Little did I know this would be hugely controversial in some circles and bring almost immediate national attention (more on that in another post). So, I set about to create my first assignment, but prior to that, I sent this video to my students:

After sending this video, I began to build and then publish my students first assignment. I'll share about that in my next post ...

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